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Clare Salaman
'beautiful vehement playing' Daily Telegraph
director, hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa,
vielle, Hardanger fiddle

Jean Kelly
'Elegant, stylish and deliciously nuanced playing' Irish Independent

Steven Player
'With heels and toes tapping like a Renaissance Fred Astaire… Steven Player was worth the price of admission by himself' Adelaide Review
dancer, musician, actor, clown

Jeremy Avis
Avis soon had them dancing in the aisles’ Jerusalem Post
voice, percussion, cittern

Ian Harrison
'Ian Harrison's shawm playing reached ecstatic heights of virtuosity’ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
pipe and tabor, voice, cornett, whistle, pipes, shawm, tambourine

Alison McGillivray
'superbly expressive and imaginative playing' Early Music today

viola da gamba, viola bastarda, cello

Arngeir Hauksson
'Outstanding among the instrumental contributions' Early Music Today
Theorbo, Cittern, Renaissance Guitar, Lute, Gittern, Saz, Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion

Clara Sanabras
'a remarkable voice' Maverick Magazine
capturing the head and heart in equal measure' Musician Magazine

voice, oud, baroque guitar

Peter McCarthy
unusual bass instruments

Liam Byrne
‘Liam Byrne gave a glittering performance to match what he was wearing’ The Guardian
ATP keflavik
lirone, viols

Elizabeth Kenny
'restraint is out: excess is in' BBC Music magazine
deliciously seductive' The Independent on Sunday

theorbo, lute, guitars

Jon Banks
'formidably qualified, multi-talented, full of energy and daring' Early Music Review

harp, santur, qanun, santouri,
percussion, gittern, baroque guitar

Terence Charlston
'nothing short of miraculous: exciting, expressive, rhythmically taught' Fanfare
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Joy Smith
'so improvisatory and spontaneous. Very very exciting. We were all at the edge of our seats in a very good way. Sensual and agile' BBC Radio 3

harps, hammered dulcimer, psaltery