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Angels have played a part in human consciousness for as long as we can remember. Their roles in the life of mankind are various; they appear as guardians, counsellors, guides, judges, and interpreters and cross barriers of culture, language, religion and geography. Many are a force for good but there are also fallen angels, angels of death and others who are spirits of wrath, destruction, confusion and vengeance.

In this programme we explore music associated with angels, the maverick and fallen as well as the divine and perfect. Playing some of the instruments that appear in descriptions and depictions of angels through the ages, as well as other strange and ethereal sounding instruments, we present traditional tunes, dances, songs and carols in a celebration of these heavenly and occasionally diabolical beings.


Comments from our audience

‘I attended your concert in Frome and thought is was just about the best concert I have gone to in years! I'd like to hear more!’

I’t was the best concert I’ve been to in ages. Absolutely magic.’

‘What a great evening!’

I’ wanted to email you to say thank you for such a beautiful and truly angelic concert. What talent and delicious music.’

‘Your music is such an antidote to the commercialism at present – it needs to be out in the world. Soul enriching. I can honestly say that I was so nourished by your music, there was an overriding sense of your love for it and refreshingly no egos to dominate the delivery – the best concert I’ve been to in years. I have been waxing lyrical to people I know ever since.’

‘I watched your performance in York this week and it was a delight! Thank you!’

‘We really loved your concert last night in York, it was a great way to end our 6 days at the Christmas Early Music Festival.’

‘Excellent concert in York, thank you. I look forward to hearing about future events and maybe a CD one day! ‘

‘Heard Three Graces on Shaun Rafferty, R3 "Wow!" Fantastic material, incredible singing and instrumentation - more please.’

‘I heard you playing (for the first time) on radio 3 this week and I was captivated!’

‘Thank you for the magical music..
I decided to make angels the other evening with my four year old daughter and turned on R3 to hear your strange and wonderful music from the Ministry of Angels... subjective synchronicity for sure...’

‘I was delighted to hear you on Radio 3 recently and was determined to buy a CD of some of your music. However, I understand you haven't recorded anything yet! Any chance soon?Keep up the (very) interesting work ( ... oh, and a Happy Christmas !!)’

‘I really enjoyed listening to you on the radio. The music was wonderful and you came across really well. Very impressive.’