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Clara Sanabras

Voice, Baroque Guitar, Renaissance Guitar, Oud, Percussion

'Capturing the head and heart in equal measure' Musician Magazine

I’m the lucky daughter of musicians. My parents led exceptionally fulfilling professional lives and wanted the same for me. With the best of intentions they made me practice the piano eight hours a day. I could play really fast but the classical pieces I was playing didn’t have direct meaning to me as a child, so I put the lid down, insisted on joining a choir and announced that singing was my thing.

I have been singing ever since, with an irrepressible curiosity to discover new genres and ways of making music every day. I taught myself lute and baroque guitar and have toured internationally with The Harp Consort and the Dufay Collective among others. I also played for Egyptian pop sensation Natacha Atlas, for whom I wrote a song. Since then, I haven’t stopped writing, for myself and for other people.

I never do what’s expected of me, and unexpected things happen as a result.  I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with many inspiring artists, worked in theatre at the Globe and the National, and sung on the soundtracks of some really cool movies. I keep writing songs and learning new instruments, and I enjoy playing the piano again.