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Jean Kelly


'Elegant, stylish and deliciously nuanced playing' Irish Independent
I grew up in Cork City, in a lively Irish household full of musical instruments. My parents and my three siblings are professional musicians; we used to call ourselves the 'Von Trapped' Family. We constantly attended folk, jazz and classical music concerts. I was drawn to the harp as a versatile instrument on which I could play many different styles of music. I play a variety of harps, and enjoy an eclectic and nomadic career - from playing Mozart Concertos in posh concert halls with my Classical Flute and Harp Duo, to extemporising harp accompaniments to Silent Films,  or Folk Festivals on rainy, muddy days with my Electric Celtic Harp. I particularly enjoy early music concerts - for the freedom to improvise within a group and to extend beyond the printed notes, and also because I feel it is here that I can draw on all of my past musical influences.