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Jon Banks

Harp, Santur, Qanun, Santouri, Percussion, Gittern, Baroque Guitar

Formidably qualified, multi-talented, full of energy and daring' Early Music Review

I began as a harp and dulcimer player but have been steadily drifting eastwards since discovering the maqam system on a musical tour of Turkey at a vulnerable age. I now specialise in qanun (Arabic zither), santouri (Greek dulcimer/cymbalom) and accordion.

My current projects include performing the Brahms clarinet quintet with the classical/gypsy band ZRI; accompanying a singer and a priest in ancient Syriac and Aramaic chanting; various Middle Eastern and Persian ensembles; theatre at the Globe and RSC; and regular concerts on the London free improvisation circuit. I also lecture, with publications and research interests ranging from fifteenth-century ensemble music to the survival of Turkish tunes on eighteenth-century London clocks and the first surviving recordings of traditional music from Eastern Europe.