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Terence Charlston


Nothing short of miraculous: exciting, expressive, rhythmically taught' Fanfare

Terry's website

I play keyboard instruments, especially old and relatively forgotten ones, both surviving originals and good, modern reconstructions and I am excited by the way less well-known repertoire can reveal new and surprising insights on more familiar music. My interpretations are highly personal and make no claims to historical authenticity but they do owe much to the inspiration derived from historical perspective and enquiry. I am fascinated by the process of getting imagined sound into performed music, such as a good composer can achieve, and this has helped to hone my sensitivity towards the content and style of the music I am playing.
I was born and grew up in Blackpool, a seaside resort, and as a youngster relied on BBC Radio 3 and recordings to feed my appetite for new sounds. There I found practical outlets to test my talents by playing the organ in local churches and piano in jazz combos and dance bands.
I learnt (and continue to learn) the craft of chamber music from the fine colleagues I have had the great fortune to work with and I owe a huge debt to many instruments makers, especially David Evans.
I relish the apparent contradiction of being a 21st-century musician who finds inspiration in recreating the playing norms of a bygone era.